Cranberry Almond Crisps


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Protein Rich

Preservative Free

Cholesterol Free

Gluten Free


No Added Sugar

Have you craved for a fulfilling nibble, that is as healthy as uniquely flavoured it is?! If yes, we have the exact gem you have been looking for in the form of our ‘Cranberry Almond Crisps’.

These bites are packed with the refreshing fruity punch of Wild Cranberries that are handpicked and combined with the goodness of crunchy California Almonds and pure Himalyan Pink Salt.

This tangy and nutritious drink-snack, that also makes a light-filling post-workout or general snack; and a great gifting option for stakeholders and loved ones; comes with 500% energy and zero trans fat.

The virtue of fresh nature comes packaged in this goodie called the ‘Cranberry Almond Crisp’ that speaks subtly about the flavours and benefits of Rice Crisps, Brown Rice Syrup, low carb sweetener, Himalayan Pink Salt and ofcourse, Cranberry and almonds.

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